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OAT Spotlight June 2012

Lessons in Financial Literacy

“Show me the money!” is a phrase that has been repeated since 1996 when Cuba Gooding, Jr.’s character said it to Tom Cruise’s character in the movie “Jerry Maguire.”
                Participants in The Training Source, Inc.’s Office Automation Training  program recently learned not only how to see the money, but how to use it wisely thanks to Anthony Stewart of Stewart Financial Services, Inc.       
            On the morning of May 16, Stewart shared information about:

·        Staying financially happy while looking for work

·        Managing finances from paycheck to  unemployment

·        Understanding the impact on your credit when there is no money to pay the bills

                “There is always an excuse not to save,” said Stewart, who gave an
example of how there is something on the annual calendar each month that requires money that otherwise could have been saved.            
            One program participant who will not be using excuses, or getting caught up in a get-rich scheme, is Darlene Miller.  

“I learned that you have to ‘pay yourself’ first to prepare for the hardships that will happen later. What you do with what you have makes a big difference in how you live. It doesn’t
matter how you save, or how late you start, but that you should save consistently and repetitively. It’s a short-term investment for a long-term gain,” said Miller.


For more information on Anthony Stewart and Stewart Financial Services, Inc., visit      
            The Training Source, Inc. is always in search of professional guest speakers with insightful lessons to share with program participants.
            “It’s important for all of our participants to obtain relevant and factual information from credible sources. Each participant who comes through our program is seeking help in managing their way through the maze of unemployment to re-employment,” said Workforce Development Instructor Iris Somerville. 
            “Guest speakers help by providing real-time information that can directly impact short-term and long-term self-sufficiency. We welcome anyone in a professional field to contact us,” Somerville encouraged.   
            For more information on how you can become involved, contact The Training Source, Inc. at (301) 499-8872. 


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